2014 Yamaha PES1 Hybrid Concept Full Specs

Friday, November 15th 2013. | Yamaha

 yamaha concept bike PES1

The Tokyo Motor Show is next week, and while we anticipate Honda to debut the Honda Gold Wing F6C at the show, it examines like Yamaha is set to make some swell as well. Teasing four notion motorcycles, two have apprehended our interest. First up is the Yamaha PES1 Hybrid concept, which is an electric powered sport two wheeler with a DC brushless motor and lithium-ion electric battery.


wallpapers Yamaha PES1 Hybrid Concept 2014

Yamaha is lightweightweight on minutia, and we can envisage that the notions are intended more to illustrate that the tweaking fork emblem is “thinking about” electrics, as is the vogue with OEMs at the moment. although, the design is interesting, particularly with Yamaha proposing that the battery load, called the Yamaha intelligent Power Module, is swappable on the sub-100kg machine.


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Built with a monocoque structure that functions both as the bodywork and as the border, the Yamaha PES1 Hybrid characteristics a transmission with manual and self-acting modes and various types of “smartphone information service purposes” — anything that means. The news of a transmission is intriguing, as it seems Yamaha is following Brammo down this path, though we will accept as true when we glimpse it.

What is clear though is that OEMs are not content to let businesses like Brammo, BRD, objective, and none play in this two-wheeled space without them. This could get interesting.Technical Details of the Yamaha PES1 Hybrid Concept:

2014 Yamaha PES1 Hybrid Concept Full Specs

Yamaha PES1 Hybrid concept

2014 Yamaha PES1 Hybrid Concept Specifications
Length×Width×Height 1,918 mm×640 mm×1,000 mm
Motor type DC brushless motor
Battery type Lithium-ion
Transmission Switchable between manual and automatic
Vehicle weight under 100 kg

Wallppapers 2014 Yamaha PES1 Hybrid Concept Full Specs

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