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The motorcycle is propelled by the identical engine as the Kawasaki Z1000SX namely a 1043cc, four-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, four valves per cylinder, inline-four unit which cranks out a greatest power of 142hp and 81.8lbft of torque. The engine is combined with new exhaust internals which help you get a more hard-hitting roar.

It is furthermore worthy of being mentioned that the motorcycle is equipped with a new fuel container which has an increased capability rated at 17 litres.

leap on board and you’ll be greeted by dual-element digital instrumentation, a fat solid-mount tubular aluminum handlebar with double-taper grips, a new intricately textured seat and Ninja ZX-10R-style footpegs with knurled surfaces.

Review Kawasaki Z1000

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The “it” component is hard to recount, but you always know it when you glimpse it. Likewise, the new 2014 Kawasaki Z1000 has a hard-to-define “streetfighter” method that is impactful sufficient to ensure every person understands they’re glimpsing certain thing exceptional. In a important exodus from the concealing bodywork of its sportbike predecessor, the new Z1000 strips-off unnecessary covers and bodywork to reveal the superior functionality of its parts.

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The Kawasaki Z design dialect has been elevated to a higher grade with the new Z1000’s “Sugomi” fashioning. From its seductively sculpted forms invoking a crouching killer and painstaking details like its special “Z” logo ignition keys, machined aluminum guiding arise bolt, and intricately textured “Z” motif chair cover, to the tighter tolerances of its high-quality constituents and bodywork, the spectacular outcome has a very special feel that helps set the stage for the exhilaration to pursue!

For 2014, Kawasaki engineers intensified on making the Z1000 more potent and adept than ever. Its exceedingly exciting inline-four makes the sort of power that launches you away from halts and out of bends in a way lesser powerplants easily can’t wish to match. The Z1000 motor produces powerful, instant-on push that’s adept of humilitating many hardcore sportbikes.

Kawasaki Z1000 engine 2014

Z1000’s 1,043cc, DOHC, liquid-cooled, 16-valve motor characteristics modified intake cams that increase its low-to-midrange torque—where most road bikes spend their time. When the road undoes up, this stylish streetfighter can better extend its legs thanks to additional airbox vents and new cylinder connecting passageways that help reinforce mid-to-high RPM performance by improving respiring and decreasing the propelling deficiency associated with displacing air interior the crankcase. The more spoke growl of the intake at low-RPM and its intoxicating howl at full-song will put a grin on even the most jaded rider’s face. This engine’s responsive power permits it to excel at almost any street-going undertaking, be it playing around village, games riding, or dispatching miles on the open street.

Four 38mm Keihin downdraft throttle bodies inject an perfect mix of fuel and air into each combustion chamber with help from an advanced ECU that’s been re-tuned to supply a livelier motor seem. An revised coolinginging air intake system paths new air to the airbox via extra ducts at the front of the bike, and a new, non-woven air filter element supplies better flow at high-RPM, while four equal-length velocity stacks help supply snappier throttle response to further boost the engine’s fun component. Digital Timing accelerate contributes to the bigger reduced- and mid-range power, while spark plug-mounted ignition coils help double-check flawless timing for each cylinder. It’s a perfect motor for a road-going sportbike – aggressive, mighty, flexible, and blessed with the legendary reliability associated with Kawasaki sportbikes.

Shorter overall equipping complements the more responsive motor to deliver astounding push at the rider’s command. However, a new, somewhat bigger 6th equipment assists maintain sensible RPM at main road races so comfort and economy don’t bear when covering miles on a long travel.

A beautifully fashioned 4-into-2-pre-chamber-into-2 exhaust boasts a satisfying growl that is well-matched to the more-aggressive tone of the Z1000’s intake scheme. A butterfly valve in the right-side muffler not only assists decrease disturbance, but also melodies exhaust back-pressure swell to help enhance low-rpm motor answer.

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The Z1000 features an sophisticated aluminum border alike in conceive to the Ninja® ZX™-10R superbike’s. The lightweight assembly bends over the engine, cradling it from overhead and bolting solidly to it in three places, with a rubber-backed fourth mount provided for supplemented vibration isolation and torsional rigidity. This design allowed engineers to hold the bike’s waist slender for superb rider interface and greatest solace and command. The main border and swingarm pivot parts are cast as a lone unit, with welds eliminated while likely for seamless aesthetics. Its new sub-frame tapers to a very superficial cross-section at the back, permitting the bodywork to take-on an hard-hitting minimalist profile.

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The wheels, brakes and suspension morsels that permit this two wheeler to move so gracefully and swiftly are truly state-of-the-art. Suspension is managed by a new completely adjustable 41mm inverted SFF-BP (Separate Function branch – Big Piston) branch up front and a preload- and rebound-adjustable level back-link shock in the back. The single-shock scheme features a damper climbed on almost level overhead the swingarm for optimal mass centralization and heat opposition. The gas/oil shock offers superb wheel command whether you’re hitting along abandoned backroads or prowling over pothole-infested town roads.

Great looking new one-piece “monobloc” radial-mount front brake calipers offer world-class power and seem. The ABS equipped disc brake scheme – 310mm petal-type front rotors compressed by those ultra-rigid radially climbed on “monobloc” calipers, is controlled by an identically race-spec radial pump expert cylinder. The new, monobloc front calipers are modified from a single piece of aluminum delivering both increased caliper stiffness and reduced heaviness. Riders will love the responsive braking power and improved seem at the lever. A 250mm petal-type rotor and single-piston caliper supply good rear brake seem at the pedal for greatest finesse throughout aggressive travelling. The power and seem of the brakes at both finishes is astonishing, providing supreme self-assurance when slowing down the bike down from hasten. The Z1000’s benchmark anti-lock brake system (ABS) encourages added rider self-assurance when travelling in slippery situations.

kawasaki z1000 performance

The wheels employed with those brakes – lightweight six-spoke supersport-style flats – are furthermore the latest in lightweight production technology. They not only decrease unsprung mass, which permits the suspension to function optimally, but also convey the newest in radial exhaust technology. The outcome is superb grab, accurate management and reasonably long tread life.

The Z1000’s sculpted fashioning is easily its most stunning facet. The slim, compact headlight housing was positioned as low as possible, expanding the line that starts from the top of the tank. The new reflector-less directed headlight conceive is a first for Kawasaki. It utilises four LEDs that enable the lodgings to be formed in a way that contributes to the more strong glare of the Z1000’s new face. All four long-life, low-energy directed bulbs: two low-beam (center), two high-beam (outside) illuminate when the high-beams are on, and a distinct directed place light is established on the instrument cover. Slim, futuristic looking radiator shrouds partially enclose the Z1000’s powerful motor, and a new under-cowl farther assists to the aggressive likeness. The new slim tailsection bodywork is more compact than the preceding Z1000 forms, farther assisting to the bike’s crouched-forward appearance. The compact traveller pad was conceived to integrate with the rider’s chair and gives the appearance of a solo-chair cover, supplementing to the sporty look of the new more-compact follow part. A new LED followlight conceive furthermore adds a futuristic touch to the bike’s back.

In holding with its radical examines, the Z1000 offers a highly productive riding place. The wide, large-diameter aluminum handlebars offer large leverage for hard-hitting maneuvers, and the knurled metal footpegs grip the rider’s boots to supply a direct-connection to the chassis. It all adds-up to the flawless cockpit for greatest agility without forfeiting real world solace.

As a package, the Z1000’s motor and chassis are tuned to proceed more like European “streetfighter” forms in both looks and feel. This innovative two wheeler brands a important step forward, supplying an general know-how that is very distinct from other Japanese motorcycles, a quicker, more direct seem that is sure to delight skilled riders.

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Kawasaki engines Corp., U.S.A. (KMC) markets and circulates Kawasaki motorcycles, ATVs, Side x edges, and Jet Ski® watercraft through a mesh of more than 1,200 independent retailers, with an additional 7,400 retailers focusing in Kawasaki power goods and general purpose motors. KMC and its affiliates employ almost 3,100 persons in the joined States, with 300 of them established at KMC’s Irvine, California headquarters.

Features Kawasaki Z1000 2014

exterior Kawasaki Z1000 2014

• NEW Uniquely aggressive “Sugomi” styling gives the Z1000 a distinct predatory look
• UPGRADED 1,043cc inline-four with DFI® offers sharper response that enhances this engine’s already impressive mid-range and top-end power
• NEW Showa Separate Function: Big Piston Fork (SFF-BP) offers light weight, easy adjustability and excellent wheel control to cope with the high forces associated with aggressive riding
• NEW One-piece “monobloc” radial-mount front brake calipers offer superb braking power and control, along with a premium laser-etched Kawasaki logo and black alumite finish
• NEW Supersport-style 6-spoke lightweight aluminum wheels contribute to the Z1000’s sporty image while reducing rotating inertia and saving approximately 3.3 lbs. of unsprung weight
• NEW Shorter final-drive gearing provides quicker response and enhanced riding excitement, while a new taller 6th gear helps maintain highway comfort
• NEW Analog plus Digital instrument cluster includes a large tachometer and a digital display offering a wealth of information on current bike conditions and settings
• NEW Compact subframe design is more slender and shorter to match the new styling
• Upright “streetfighter” riding position provides excellent leverage on the controls for maximum maneuverability, coupled with a commanding view of the urban jungle
DOHC, 16-valve, 1,043cc Engine
• 1,043cc liquid-cooled inline-four offers true open-class power from idle to redline
• NEW Cylinder connecting passageways reduce pumping losses and improve mid-to-high RPM performance
• NEW Intake cams provide improved low-to-midrange torque for instant thrust and maximum rider satisfaction
• NEW More-aggressive ECU settings provide sharper throttle response
• Bore and stroke dimensions of 77.0 x 56.0mm offer an ideal balance of peak power and low and mid-range flexibility
• 38mm Keihin throttle bodies cram the air/fuel mixture directly into combustion chambers via downdraft intakes for maximum power
• Oval sub throttles help keep the engine slim, and a slim midsection allows an ideal bike/rider interface for maximum comfort and control
• Engine’s rev limiter comes into play “softly,” providing usable overrev character because power doesn’t drop off suddenly at high RPM
• The engine’s relatively low crankshaft position allows a moderately long stroke without adding engine height
• A secondary engine balancer, driven off a gear on the sixth web of the crankshaft, eliminates excess vibration and contributes to rider comfort
• NEW Shorter final drive gearing provides quicker acceleration and enhanced riding excitement, while a new taller 6th gear helps maintain highway comfort
Digital Ignition
• Digital Timing Advance enhances low-range and mid-range power
• Individual spark plug-mounted ignition coils fire each of the four spark plugs independently to achieve the optimum timing for that cylinder
• ECU includes an idle speed control system for easier starting and warm-up
UPGRADED Cool Air System
• Intake system routes cool air to the airbox via ducts in the fairing, minimizing performance loss due to heated intake air
• UPGRADED Airbox features additional atmospheric intakes to further enhance the engine’s intoxicating intake howl
• NEW Non-woven air filter element provides better flow for enhanced high-RPM performance
• REVISED Velocity stacks are now equal length and provide improved throttle response and a more exciting engine character
• Intake ducts are positioned close to the rider to allow the intake howl to be heard and enjoyed
UPGRADED Exhaust System

Kawasaki Z1000 2014
• The exhaust system features a 4-into-2-pre-chamber-into-2 layout to provide ample silencer volume without requiring excess bulk in the rear mufflers
• NEW Oval-shaped connector tubes are larger than last year’s round tubes and help improve engine response for heightened excitement at all rpms
• Main and pre-catalyzers help ensure clean emissions
• A butterfly valve in the right-side muffler not only helps reduce noise, but also tunes exhaust back-pressure waves to help enhance low-rpm engine response
• NEW Brushed-metal finish on the silencers provides enhanced visual appeal
• Exhaust system offers excellent mass centralization and contributes to a low center of gravity
NEW Larger Fuel Tank

2014 review Kawasaki Z1000
• NEW 4.5 gallon (17L) fuel tank offers increased range
• Radical shape and two tone finish complement the Z1000’s new Sugomi inspired styling
• UPGRADED Slim type fuel pump features an integral fuel level sensor with enhanced accuracy for 2014
NEW Monobloc ABS Brakes with Petal-type Rotors

Kawasaki Z1000 engine specs
• NEW One-piece “monobloc” radial-mount front brake calipers offer superb braking power and control, along with a premium quality look from their laser-etched Kawasaki logo and black alumite finish
• Opposed four-piston radial-mount monobloc calipers with differentiated diameter (30mm upper, and 32mm lower) pistons provide excellent feel and progressive braking response
• A radial-pump front brake master cylinder contributes to the superb control and feel offered by these high-end monobloc calipers
• NEW ABS pump features a fluid pressure sensor that allows more precise control of line pressures and also provides data to the ECU to help suppress rear lift under braking
• A low-battery mode helps preserve ABS effectiveness when the battery charge is low. (although riders may notice that ABS operation is less smooth than in normal mode)
• Petal-type 310mm front brake rotors are full-on sportbike hardware
• NEW pad compound has a higher coefficient of friction that contributes to the enhanced power and sensitivity
• A single-piston rear caliper grips a 250mm petal-type disc. This compact caliper is mounted below the swingarm, and located by a torque rod
Aluminum Backbone Frame
• Aluminum backbone frame is similar in concept to the Ninja ZX-10R’s, and helps make the bike narrow and easy to grip with the knees for maximum rider comfort and feedback
• The frame is lightweight and highly rigid, and uses the engine as a stressed member for solid handling and optimum stability
• Frame elements are tuned to transmit optimal engine feedback to the rider
• The frame uses four engine mounts, three of which are rigid, one of which (the upper rear crankcase mount) is rubber
• NEW Compact subframe design is more slender and shorter to match the new styling
• The sub-frame is an example of form and function combined, negating the need for side covers and allowing underseat narrowness for a shorter reach to the ground
NEW Separate Function Fork – Big Piston: (SFF-BP)
• New SFF-BP fork combines the features of Showa’s big piston and separate function forks, featuring springs on both sides, with dedicated preload adjustability in the left tube and dedicated damping pistons and adjustability in the right tube
• Big Piston design provides smooth action during the initial part of the stroke and contributes to excellent feel during heavy braking. The large-diameter damper piston is much bigger than those used in traditional “cartridge” forks
• Big Piston design allows the fork oil to act on a much larger surface area, so the damping pressure can be reduced without compromising effectiveness. Reducing the damping pressure allows the slider to react more smoothly, which is especially noticeable during the initial part of the stroke. The result is greater control as the fork begins to compress and very calm response during braking-induced weight-transfer, for greater chassis stability on corner entry
• Fork settings were tuned to cope with the extreme forces of aggressive use, while still providing a comfortable ride
• SFF-BP design offers easy adjustability, by locating all adjusters in the caps at the top of the two fork tubes: preload on the left; compression and rebound damping on the right.
Horizontal Back-Link Rear Suspension
• Rear suspension design positions the shock unit and linkage above the swingarm where it’s less exposed to exhaust heat and contributes to mass centralization
• Stepless rebound damping adjuster allows damping characteristics to be tuned to match changes in spring preload and/or loads
Rider Interface
• NEW A fat solid-mount tubular aluminum handlebar contributes to the Z1000’s quality, top-shelf feel
• Double-taper grips, like those used on supersport models, offer a more direct feel than traditional designs
• NEW Intricately textured seat cover features a distinct Z-logo pattern
• Ninja ZX-10R-style footpegs with knurled surfaces offer good grip, direct feel and control, and purposeful looks
NEW Instrumentation
• NEW Extremely compact dual-element digital instrumentation keeps the front of the motorcycle as compact and unobtrusive as possible, making the bike almost disappear from the rider’s field of vision
• NEW Dual element bar-graph tachometer with 0-4,000 rpm indicated vertically along the left edge of the lower display and a larger 4,000rpm+ tachometer filling the entire horizontal upper display
• NEW LCD functions include ABS and Economical Riding (ECO) indicators
• Additional LCD functions include a unique digital speedometer, odometer, dual trip meter, clock, instant and average fuel consumption, coolant temperature, and low-fuel warning lamps

2014 Kawasaki Z1000 Full Specs

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2014 Kawasaki Z1000 Specifications
Engine Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, four valves per cylinder, inline-four
Displacement 1,043cc
Bore x Stroke 77.0 x 56.0mm
Compression Ratio 11.8:1
Fuel System DFI® with four 38mm Keihin throttle bodies, oval sub-throttles
Ignition TCBI with digital advance
Transmission Six-Speed
Final Drive X-Ring Chain
Rake/Trail 24.5 degrees / 4.0 in.
Frame Type Aluminum Backbone
Front Tire Size 120/70 ZR17
Rear Tire Size 190/50 ZR17
Wheelbase 56.5 in.
Front Suspension / Wheel Travel 41 mm inverted SFF-BP fork with stepless compression and rebound damping and spring preload adjustability / 4.7 in.
Rear Suspension/Wheel Travel Horizontal monoshock with stepless rebound damping, remotely adjustable spring preload / 4.8 in.
Front brakes Dual 310mm petal-type rotors with radial-mount four-piston monobloc calipers and ABS
Rear brakes Single 250mm petal-type rotor with single-piston caliper and ABS
Fuel Capacity 4.5 gal.
Seat Height 32.1 in.
Curb Weight 487.3 lbs.
Overall Length 80.5 in.
Overall Width 31.1 in.
Overall Height 41.5 in.
Color(s) Golden Blazed Green / Metallic Graphite Gray
Warranty 12 months
Good Times Protection Plan 12, 24, 36, and 48 month plans are available
Price $11.999.

Wallpapers 2014 Kawasaki Z1000

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