2014 Ducati Scrambler Cometh 600cc Engine Performance

Monday, February 3rd 2014. | Ducati

2014 Ducati Scrambler Cometh rumors

This is one of the major projects of the ducati dates way back when Pierre Terblanche is still working in Bologna, avoiding the same section of labor strikes and carbonara, and at the moment that is based around the now defunct Ducati Sport classic.

Is stored, and is considered to have never seen the light of day, we can only imagine the entire movement of the Hipstacyclist ™ has helped Ducati rethink its position about the Weapon.


2014 Ducati Scrambler Cometh Price

One of the best-made engine using a single cylinder ducati air-cooled, 600cc or less in displacement. A springboard for Ducati to enter the market on a smaller bike, Ducati Weapon will be the gate of the descending bicycle bike brand in Italy.

While Audi has been pretty laissez-faire with distractions on the Ducati Motor holding product, we have to imagine that there’s marching orders to develop a machine that would be better suited for emerging markets.

Water cooled

We have a hard time thinking that Ducati build new air-cooled motor, as the industry is being pushed further and further to the water-cooled bump-friendly CO2 emissions, but the idea was not the craziest thing we have heard today.

Other sources say the Weapon Ducati Ducati Hypermotard will be based off, which is designed with a modular chassis, to do this. In this case, the Weapon will have the same motor 821cc fresh water-cooled v-twin found on the Hypermotard. Other “Ducati” approach to building a new bike, but maybe less alluring.

What we know for sure is that the new Ducati Weapon would be very similar in Terblanche’s design work, with some reworking and updating.

Wallpapers 2014 Ducati Scrambler Cometh 


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