2013 Honda MSX125 Monkey PGM-Fi

Friday, January 11th 2013. | Honda

2013 Honda MSX125 Releases date

Honda issued a motorcycle with a name that is unique or more appropriately his can be said with “cute” is a description of the best Honda Monkey, that’s a pretty unique words or may possibly be funny. Diminutive motorcycle and fun, it’s hard to look good on the old Honda Z-series bikes, although the machine itself still bring their own unique flavor of cold today.

2013 Honda MSX125

2013 Honda MSX125 Monkey PGM-Fi 21st centry Fast forward five years later and Honda is bringing the monkeys are back, this time in the form of 2013 Honda MSX125. Manufactured in Thailand, Honda 125 MSX (MSX = X-treme Mini Street 125), 125cc, 9 hp, pleasant four-stroke, single-cylinder two-valve, fuel-injected engine will spring 2013 models on the market worldwide (no word on North America though).

2013 Honda MSX125 Releases

Ultimate pit Bike for us Anglo-Saxons, Honda MSX125 also functions as a machine that is practical and durable for a market where potholed asphalt is a luxury which roads are rarely there. With just a touch above 30 inches off the ground (30.1.3″ to be exact), new Honda monkey friends too short for men (or women).

2013 Honda MSX125 Specs

Twelve-inch wheels, four-speed gearbox, 1.45 gallons fuel tank, and USD forks complete package features consumers, although Honda’s engineers have been doing some fancy Packaging for MSX125 to get the PGM-FI system and other electronics.

Available in black metal Asteroid, Pearl White, Pearl Himalayan Queen Bee yellow, and Red Pearl Valentine, if ever there was a 125cc machine that we want to zip through traffic, this might be it. American Honda, you reading this?

Color 2013 Honda MSX125

2013 Honda MSX125 Review

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2013 Honda MSX125 PGM-Fi

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