News India’s TVS is in Talks with BMW Motorrad

Wednesday, July 11th 2012. | TVS

News India’s TVS is in Talks with BMW Motorrad TVS apache

The great news from India today is that tvs motorcycle into the country’s fourth-largest manufacturer, TVS is in talks with Germany’s leading two-wheeler maker, BMW Motorrad. Although there are some details about what happened between the two companies, it is being reported by the Wall Street Journal that TVS hopes to gain some technical knowledge of BMW in making large-displacement motorcycles.

Will end up in some type of strategic partnership, BMW definitely targeting the distribution network in exchange 500cc TVS his help, because all the major OEM currently jockeying for position in the growing India market. Another rumor throughout the deal showed that TVS can help BMW create a smaller-displacement engine, designed specifically for India, which may be also available in other emerging markets like South America and Southeast Asia.
With it’s competitors TVS, Bajaj and Hero MotoCorp, is seeking an alliance with an established brand of western, Indian companies are looking not only to find a foothold in the premium market motorcycle beginner India, but also makes the defensive position in the motorcycle industry is increasingly competitive India.
With Bajaj is now taking seriously a minority stake in KTM, and rumors about Heroes MotoCorp investment (if not buy) Erik Buell Racing is still fresh, the news from TVS and BMW talking about international collaboration to create a stir about the future of the motorcycle landscape.
With emerging markets such as India looks more every day as the future of the motorcycle industry, we have to wonder what kind of consolidation, partnerships, acquisitions, and mergers may occur in this space in coming decades. Something to chew on this Monday afternoon.

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