2014 Yamaha FZ-07 Available in Canada

Wednesday, March 19th 2014. | Yamaha

2014 Yamaha FZ-07

Our friends in the north has just reported that the Yamaha MT – 07, the 2 -cylinder compatriot for Yamaha MT – 09 three, is currently heading to Canada. Moto Guide reported that Canada is now called Yamaha FZ – 07 will be available in Canada come spring time, and you will take home at a price of $ 7,299 MSRP ( CAD ).

As with FZ – 09, FZ – 07 is the real value of a Yamaha motorcycle. with engine specification 74hp and 50 pounds • ft of torque, Yamaha FZ – 07 has a crank 270 degrees, in parallel – twin 689cc lump, and tips the scales at 395 pounds wet weight, with a fuel tank capacity of 3.69 gallons.

2014 Yamaha FZ-07 price

With our brothers in the north get FZ – 07, we have to seriously wonder if the same will happen for the American market. With FZ – 09 debuted to overwhelmingly positive press, one would think the move to Yamaha USA will be a no – brainer.

To add further credence to the argument, Yamaha Canada standard exercise more naked than the U.S. model lineup, which cater to a much smaller market. Whatever the reasons are made to bring the FZ – 07 to Canada, should be sure to hold more water for the United States


2014 Yamaha FZ-07 performance

With Canadian FZ – 09 retailed for $ 1,000 more than its U.S. counterpart, an FZ – 07 Americans tied to the price to $ 6,000 ‘ s, which would make a very interesting motorcycle riders for the price – conscious.

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