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In 2013 was the year in which he was born as a product that is unique. The essentiality of design endows even the most impersonal functionality with style and individuality.The Vespa 946 is a pure expression of identical style, in the minds of millions of tourists and people, with freedom of movement and expression. A projected far into the future of sustainable mobility, the form and substance crystallized and the aesthetic values of the fundamental dynamic of the history of two-wheeled vehicles.

Made for distinction

The Vespa 946 is made to man’s measure. And to the measure of the universe. Low consumption and reduced emissions. Fully digital instrumentation. A throbbing technological heart, perfect for long distances and city travel.Superior construction quality to make it a winner on every road, the means to reach every destination.


2014 Vespa 946 frame

The way to guard against imitations is to look beyond the immediate future. The Vespa 946 has ABS braking and ASR traction control. The 4-stroke 125 cc monocylinder engine is a response to requirements that may still be nascent. And it guarantees the best performance in its category. Electronic injection, three-valve distribution, reduced friction and improved fluid dynamics sharply reduce consumptionand emissions, establishing a new benchmark over and beyond current regulations.


Real luxury is realising a more ambitious and fascinating dream every day. Today the Vespa 946 re-affirms its legend. It enhances the classical values of tradition: the shape of the handlebar, the proportions of the fairing, the plunging curves of the saddle all come from the earliest drawings. Every detail reflects a choice and a reference to Italian-style production. A craftsman’s approach in a futuristic dimension.


The Vespa was conceived with the rider as its technical and stylistic focus, and with every detail reflecting its aeronautical origins. It was a unique project, light years ahead of its time and its world, a project where form was truly at the service of functionality.

Today, the Vespa 946 makes its debut as the archetypal Vespa of the new generations, a splendid example of continuous re-invention in a process of constant evolution.

The Vespa 946 continues the legacy of a humanistic approach to engineering design, where man is both the author and the heart of the creative idea.

An approach to the development and subsequent production of a unique object that could only have been generated by the Italian tradition for design, technical expertise and manufacturing excellence.

So the Vespa 946 began from a blank sheet of paper with man at the centre of attention. Like Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, the human body is the key to every project, to every measurement, its proportions superbly inscribed within the perfect geometric shapes of a circle and a square.

Conceived as a precious work of Renaissance art, but produced with the leading technologies of the 21st Century, the Vespa 946 is made to measure. For man. And for the universe.

Reduced fuel consumption and emissions, all-digital instruments, a state-of-the-art beating technological heart perfectly geared to longer distances and to the metropolitan environment; all this is combined with exclusive materials in a construction process of the highest calibre, for a project that is quite simply unique and a vehicle without equal in the history of transport.


Created to make an entire nation mobile, the Vespa put the whole world into a higher gear as it made its appearance on the roads of every continent, uniting young people from every culture and every background through a common passion. The first truly global mobility brand, the Vespa became a trait d’union between the generations, establishing a place for itself in the most diverse social environments, fostering specific cultural phenomena in each particular reality in which it gradually became a key player and distinguishing feature. It was at the forefront of the revolutions in social attitudes, music and among young people. It accompanied the emerging nations in their development. It accelerated their progress in times of economic prosperity. And today, at every latitude, it is one of the most popular and best-known Italian products.

Created to play a leading role in a world experiencing tumultuous change, the Vespa 946 is a highly evolved object, an expression of the digital generation that is transforming the planet.

And just like its famous progenitor, the Vespa 946 begins its journey to every corner of the planet from Tuscany, embodying the pride of an all-Italian research, development and production centre. Style, reliability, safety and respect for the environment project the Vespa 946 into the Olympus of ideas with a universal perspective.


2014 Vespa 946 scooters

The story of the Vespa is a tale of continuous technical and stylistic evolution: ever since the very earliest models made their appearance, the world’s most famous two-wheeler has evolved to anticipate social change. From one model to the next, the differences were sometimes minimal, sometimes more important, but they have always kept faith with the original idea that elegance, cutting-edge technology and riding pleasure should be the cornerstones of the project.

In more than sixty years, the Vespa story does, however, present a number of turning points, moments of more significant renewal. These milestones in the evolution of the Vespa would influence subsequent advances for generations.

One such milestone came in 1955 with the Vespa GS, when the Vespa discovered an aptitude for sport, a capacity for stunning performance. These were the years when rock ‘n’ roll was coming over from America, the age of a generation enamoured of speed, and the Vespa, always a vantage point from which to observe a changing society, interpreted their dreams and needs to perfection.

Another milestone was the Vespa PX, in 1978. As the 1970s drew to a close, the younger generations were longing to travel, to step outside their boundaries. They wanted a two-wheeler delivering enhanced performance, breaking the mould with distinctive modern lines, geared to a world that was racing towards the social and technological revolution of a decade opened by the missions of the Columbia Space Shuttle. The Vespa PX was the scooter of that age; it set the style for a number of subsequent Vespa families and spearheaded the brand’s greatest commercial success, with more than three million sales.

Today, the Vespa 946 makes its debut as a new model destined to become a legend in the Vespa epic. The digital revolution is forcing the whole human race to rethink its values and reflect as it prepares to cross a line beyond which nothing will ever be the same again. The Vespa 946 is a protagonist of this rapidly changing world, reclaiming the distinguishing features of its origins to establish itself as a champion of modern life and cutting-edge style and technology.


2014 Vespa 946 performance

  • Vespa 946 – Technically speaking
  • Tradition and innovation: Sheet steel body with aluminium parts: handlebar, saddle support, side panels, front mudguard, rear-mirror supports.
  • Maximum safety: 220 mm dual-disk brake, two-channel ABS braking, ASR electronic traction control. Large 12″ wheels, modular aluminium alloy wheel rims.
  • Eco-sustainability and fuel economy: 125 cc 3V engine, electronic injection, best-in-class fuel consumption and emissions.
  • Technology and style: LED headlight with heat dissipation system, LED tail light and indicators, full LCD multifunction instrument panel.


2014 Vespa 946 engine


The legendary Vespa line has gone down in the history of design. A few brilliant pen-strokes generated one of the symbols of Italian creativity and launched a never-ending story of extraordinary success. A modern epic of pleasure and the freedom to travel, in unmistakeable style, down any road in the world.

Visually, the 946 recalls the flair and inventiveness that generated the original idea for the Vespa. Behind the stunning lines of the first scooter with a monocoque frame, today there is advanced technology, developed in the pursuit of user- and eco-friendliness. Like the MP6 prototype from which it takes its inspiration, the Vespa 946 is a direct creation of the best contemporary technology. The dynamic model of the start of a new age.

The MP6 prototype was conceived as a pure line, free of the constraints imposed by industrialisation, not yet conditioned by the construction decisions that would later influence the shape of the Vespa.
The concepts that inspired that limpidity of form have been reprised and enhanced thanks to the possibilities offered, almost seventy years later, by today’s modern materials and advanced production processes.
The completely naked back of the Vespa 946 is accentuated by the bold elegance of the suspended saddle. Only a sophisticated aluminium casting could provide the necessary support and ensure the aesthetic lightness of touch. The Vespa 946 is the result of this constant interplay between the designer’s drawing board and technological expertise in the use of production materials.
The monocoque frame has the magnificence of a modern piece of sculpture.
The team at the Piaggio Style Centre has performed important and innovative work on the surfaces and sections of the scooter. While remaining true to the smooth lines that every Vespa must have, they have introduced decisive elements to spread the light over an alternating sequence of concave and convex forms, affirming the general line yet investing the 946 with a new and entirely modern dynamism. With its slit side panels, the naked frame looks vaguely biomorphous and absolutely futuristic.

The Vespa 946 2013 Collection will be available in Black and White only, and named “Ricordo Italiano”. Production of the series will terminate at the end of the year – the Vespa 946 2014 Collection is already on the drawing board – to ensure that Vespa 946 scooters built in 2013 will be truly unique, unrepeatable products.

The Vespa 946 makes a clean break with the forms of the current – and successful – Vespa families. Having always been divided into “small-body” models (the current LX and S series) and “large-body” models (the GTS and GTV), the Vespa now introduces an entirely new vehicle that pays homage to classical precepts, yet interrupts the continuous evolution of the scooter’s design in a sort of fascinating “return to the future”.

As ever in the story of the Vespa, the frame is a steel body – now enhanced with aluminium elements, notably the mudguard and the side panels – which also acts as a bearing structure, housing the engine, the transmission and all the mechanical parts.
Construction excellence and materials of the highest quality set the Vespa 946 apart from every other two-wheeler in the world. The use of aluminium is a contributing factor in the realisation of an aesthetically stunning object and helps reduce the vehicle’s overall weight, thereby raising energy efficiency.

2014 Vespa 946 used

The Vespa 946 distils the essence of the Vespa scooters that have preceded it over the years, admirably combining the best features of the various Vespa families. The wheelbase, longer than that of the great GTS, confirms this is an important and stable vehicle. But the lightweight line and steering angle similar to the small-body LX ensure exceptional agility.

2014 Vespa 946 uniq design

The all-aluminium front mudguard provides a classically elegant cover for the 12″ wheel. The rear wheel is also 12″. The modular aluminium alloy rims, whose gills are a reference to the historic drum brake mounted on the first Vespas, are the largest ever fitted on a Vespa scooter, further enhancing the 946. The dual-disk braking system is designed for maximum safety, and completed by a two-channel ABS governed by a control unit with special software.

Specs Vespa 946 2014

2014 Vespa 946 sale

2014 Vespa 946 Specifications

Engine Single cylinder 4 stroke, with catalytic converter and eletronic fuel injection, Single overhead camshaft – 3 valve (2 intake, 1 exhaust)
Cylinder capacity 155 cc
Max speed 57 mph (93 km/h)
Tank capacity 2.2 gallons (8.5 liters)
MPG up to 117 mpg (up to 50 km / l)
Ignition Electric
Transmission Automatic “twist and go” CVT
Front suspension Single link arm with coil spring and dual-action hydraulic shock absorber
Rear suspension Coil spring with adjustable preload, mono shock with progressive lever system
Front brake Disk, 220 mm + ABS – ASR
Rear brake Disk, 220 mm + ABS – ASR
Seat height 31.6 in (805 mm)
Emissions approval EPA and CARB
Warranty All 2014 and newer Vespa scooters include a 2-year unlimitedmileage
*Limits are outlined in the warranty booklet. See dealer for details.
UK/European MSRP Price: £8,571 GBP (On The Road).

Wallpapers Vespa 946 2014

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