2014 KTM 450 Rally Bike Racer and Price

Tuesday, February 25th 2014. | KTM

2014 KTM 450 Rally Bike Racer Wallpapers

KTM has just won 13 races of Dakar and the event The thirteenth victory for the year 2014 alone, Austria back to the drawing board to build the highest with the latest driver in 450cc class

Despite the money, you will get the bike ” fitted with new order Combining ergonomic design, slim body shape with a better sitting position, completely re-worked rear suspension and a single overhead cam 450cc new fuel injection engine. “

2014 KTM 450 Rally Bike Racer Prices

Went on to say that the KTM 450 Rally also ” Proud to front and rear pump fuel system with multiple tanks, que Allows the rider to select the fuel source for high use heavy Depending on the terrain, coal tower at the front of the bike riders Provides visibility better than the front wheels, and Malthus Extra instill confidence by improving vision Along with many other improvements WHOLE engine design to create the ultimate race bike rally. “

With previous KTM 450 Rally with a capacity of 690cc engine, 450cc engine wedged into them, 2014 KTM 450 Rally bike racing was able to make great strides over the respectable, although there is little interference from its predecessor, but it all does not become a significant nuisance for KTM.

2014 KTM 450 Rally Bike Racer Model

The proof in the pudding is Marc Coma won Claiming his fourth Dakar, KTM and soldifying position on the field is getting more competitive, que Both Honda and Yamaha saw lift their game.

With the factory team signing off on the latest design for the Austrian series KTM 450 Rally is now available only for certain people, the KTM 450 Rally Racer Production in 2014 is now available for purchase.

2014 KTM 450 Rally Bike Racer Price

KTM has a long tradition of selling top-spec racing bicycles for privateer entries, and the new Production Announces Rally Racer Honda CRF450 to competidores now available also, privateers have some good choices on the market.

Before you go thinking that you are going to buy a major enduro, realizing a very limited production run ( we hear you have to attach your resume racing to a purchase order ), and costs € 24 000 will start race package sans support from KTM, for a few dozen of these machines will built.

Wallpapers 2014 KTM 450 Rally Bike Racer

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