2014 Aprilia Shiver 750 Full Reviews

Thursday, January 23rd 2014. | Aprilia

2014 Aprilia Shiver 750 exterior

To take the lead in the class as competitive as heat medium powered naked class it is certainly not easy. In an arena where the battle is not just about technology and performance, but also design, component of rationality and riding ease and pleasure, elements of which are not always compatible and very demanding for designers and engineers a world class you met in this battle.

And Aprilia have taken this challenge and interpreted it to apply a philosophy of success a completely new design, destined to set new standards for years to come. The second bike is very aggressive and at the same time look neat and elegant, in terms of style Aprilia already perfect. The bike at the top of its class for the sporty personality, designed on the basis of the know-how of the company that has won the 250 World Championship date of victory.

The pride of all Aprilia Bikes, fine mechanics and qualified upper-class chassis, again is the key to the success of the 750 Shiver.

Aprilia shiver 750 is a naked motorcycle everyone was waiting for. A design that is able to meet the different needs of the people who buy this type of bike. From daily use to travel all mountain or used at the racetrack, the Aprilia shiver 750 is really in any situation, guaranteeing pure Riding pleasure at all times.

Light, agile and powerful, has a new generation of machines and technical features of the most advanced in its class. Brand new 90 ° V2 produced entirely in-house by Aprilia is very compact. Above all, thanks to a sophisticated electronic management, it can provide power level compared with the four-cylinder engines in the same class, but with much more favourable torque at low revs for an efficient and enjoyable ride even on everyday routes. According to Aprilia tradition, the chassis simply has no rivals in its class. Mixed trellis/aluminium frame provides innovative standard setting rigidity. All this makes the bike extremely compact, perfect even for beginners.

With a dry weight 189 kg, light only Aprilia shiver 750 also satisfies the most canny motorcyclist. The vehicle is very easy to use and maneuver performance engine allows the bike to accompany its owner from a few meters on his first two-wheel vehicles up to his complete motorcycling maturity.


preview Aprilia Shiver 750 2014

• 90° V2 engine with four valves per cylinder, double overhead camshaft and liquid cooling

• Ride-by-Wire technology for electronic control of the throttle bodies

• Electronic fuel injection with latest generation injectors

• Mixed gear and chain valve timing

• Three way catalytic converter on the exhaust, with Lambda oxygen sensor

• Modular trellis/aluminium frame for high torsional rigidity

• Aluminium swingarm with reinforcement truss and lateral shock absorber

• 43 mm upside down fork

• Racing brakes with radial caliper at front


2014 Aprilia Shiver 750 double breakes

The best technology currently available is incorporated in the Aprilia Shiver 750, the first medium powered naked with a radial caliper system, a feature emphasising evenfurther (as if it were needed) the sporty personality of the design. The 320 mm front discs are the same as used in the racing flagships, the RSV 1000 R and Tuono 1000 R.

At the back, a 245 mm disc with single piston caliper provides adequate backup for the front circuit.

2014 Aprilia Shiver 750 break

The front and rear braking circuits both use aeronautical metal braid hoses to eliminate the pressure variations associated with conventional rubber brake lines,guaranteeing maximum braking precision for a top level system.


2014 Aprilia Shiver 750 speedometers

– The Matrix instrument panel: the combined digital and analog instrument panel receives all the data over a CAN line and acts as an integral part of theself-diagnostics system as it also has a memory. The design is extremely modern, compact and lightweight. All functions can be switched by means of the handlebar control.The LED backlighting can be adjusted to three levels: white in the analogue zone and red in the digital zone.

– The biconical aluminium handlebars are a direct reference to the handlebars of the Tuono, Aprilia’s naked flagship. Maximum lightness and maximum control. A topquality component no other bike in its class can boast.

– The double parabola front light has complex surfaces and a double parking light.

– The advanced hydraulically operated clutch ensures constantly precise action and amazingly smooth engagement, and offers all the convenience of self-adjustment formaintenance free use.


Aprilia Shiver 750 logo 2014


As with every Aprilia product, the Shiver 750 has a highly innovative design where form and function come together to create an almost perfect object. The Aprilia Shiver 750 is pure technology and this is evident in its sharp, sporty lines.

The frame and engine, both brand new, are the foundations of the design and are also, rightly, the main elements characterising the look of the Shiver 750. Each element has been designed to be not just beautiful but also functional. The design is refined, but at the same time clean-cut, without too many frills for the maximum possible functionality. The Aprilia Shiver 750 exhaust is also a very distinctive design element. On the Aprilia Shiver 750, the technical component becomes a design element at the same time, creating a bike both aggressive and at the same time elegant.

2014 Aprilia Shiver 750 specifications

The tank-seat-tail assembly further emphasises the compactness of the bike. The rider becomes one with the machine, perfectly integrated in the short, agile, and sporty bike. This helps establish an immediate feeling between the rider and the bike, making everyone feel as if they have always been riding it. The strongly tapering tail also incorporates the twin exhaust with triangular silencers, a feature which makes the design even more aggressive, while keeping weight distribution highly symmetrical.

The Aprilia Shiver 750 is compact, functional and attractive. The adoption of a side shock absorber not only adds a further distinctive feature to the look of the bike, but also enables a rational and compact exhaust system to be fitted.


2014 Aprilia Shiver 750 engine

The V90 engine inherits all Aprilia’s experience in high performance mechanics. Endless hours of bench and road tests have produced a genuine masterpiece of mechanical engineering, capable not just of high performance, but also complete reliability. Thanks to its particular technical characteristics, the Aprilia V90 combines high specific power with maximum usability and easy riding.

A generous twin cylinder heart, destined to set new performance and technology standards for medium powered bikes. The engine has been designed by the Aprilia Research and Development department which set out to create a powerful and reliable engine requiring very limited maintenance.

The quest for performance at the top of its class led to the adoption of a number of advanced and innovative technical features:

• 90° V engine layout;

• Ride-by-Wire technology;

• Highly over-square bore and stroke ratio;

• Four valves per cylinder;

• Double overhead camshaft with mixed chain and gear drive;

• Electronic fuel injection with two throttle bodies;

• Plug caps with integrated stick-coils;

• Three way catalytic converter and Lambda probe oxygen sensor;

• Hydraulically operated clutch;

For this type of bike, the 90° V arrangement of the cylinders was found to be the best solution in terms of performance and size. With consistently generous torque available across a wide range of revs and negligible vibrations, the Aprilia V2 750 is full and powerful at the top of its class.

The timing deserves special mention. Motion is transmitted to the four valves per cylinder and double camshaft by a mixed gear/chain system. This technical application, already adopted by Aprilia in the V60 mounted on the RSV 1000 R, enables the size of the engine to be kept down, while guaranteeing more precise and reliable valve timing. The chain is shorter, for less overall stress and a longer working life; this makes the engine shorter.

The latest generation injection system uses fine atomising injectors. This solution, combined with advanced fluid dynamics ensures optimum combustion for an engine which is not just more powerful, but cleaner too.

The sophisticated electronic management makes the Aprilia Shiver 750 a new benchmark for nakeds. In the Aprilia Shiver 750, integral Ride-by-Wire technology becomes standard equipment for the first time in the history of motorcycling. The electronic accelerator management optimises opening of the throttle bodies according to numerous parameters, including engine speed, gear selected, the degree of throttle opening of closing and the speed of throttle movement, temperature and atmospheric pressure. The engine is therefore always able to offer optimum performance in acceleration and pick-up and the lowest possible consumption for a still more fluid and profitable ride. This innovative solution guarantees even fuller and more regular output at low and medium speeds, optimising running of the engine, even with the choke.

Thanks to the technology used, the Aprilia V90 manages to deliver exceptionally high power for the engine configuration. Maximum power of 95 HP at 9000 revs and maximum torque of 81 Nm at 7000 revs are excellent for a twin of this capacity. The high torque available even at low speeds makes the Aprilia Shiver 750 incomparable to ride on mixed routes.

A latest generation engine management unit controls all engine parameters. All data passes through a CAN (Controlled Area Network) line to the instrument panel, which also

acts as a diagnostic terminal. The CAN line uses just two cables to transmit all data. This simplifies the electrical system enormously as well as reducing the total weight of the bike.

The exhaust is made entirely from stainless steel. The manifolds come together under the seat in a single silencer with twin tail pipes. The large volume (10 litres) contributes to perfect engine breathing for excellent efficiency.


2014 Aprilia Shiver 750 suspension

Optimum definition of the suspension is an obsession for Aprilia designers. Even such a “simple” bike as a naked must have the best possible available. The Aprilia Shiver750 therefore stands out from the pack in this delicate area as well.

The 43 mm upside down fork with forged feet to support the radial calipers provides benchmark smoothness. The 120 mm wheel travel makes the bike equally at home on abouttown trips and mountain routes. The bottom steering yoke is made from forged aluminium, the top steering yoke from forged aluminium.

The side shock absorber rests directly on the swingarm, according to the cantilever principle, and provides adjustments for spring preload and hydraulic rebound. Rear wheel travel is 130 mm.


2014 Aprilia Shiver 750 review

Experts have always acknowledged that Aprilia bikes have the best chassis in their class. The Aprilia Shiver 750 is concrete confirmation that once again Aprilia has managed to create a chassis which is both extremely easy and intuitive and incredibly high performance. The frame exploits all the knowledge Aprilia has gained in racing and also draws on new studies on mixed structures with the futuristic RXV and SXV, already winners of a number of titles on the racetrack. The top part of the tubular steel trellis is connected to large side plates by means of special high strength bolts. This creates an extremely rigid lightweight frame, the best solution to harness all the horsepower of the Aprilia V90.

Creation of an Aprilia bike always involves synergy between chassis and engine engineers. The fundamental design choices for the V90 engine led to construction of a highly rational and efficient frame. The reduced longitudinal dimensions of the engine made it possible to obtain a short, agile bike, helped by the particular side positioning of the shock absorber, not a simple cosmetic mannerism, but a precise technical decision which created valuable space for the exhaust manifolds whose shape and size have been calibrated perfectly to ensure maximum engine efficiency. This enabled the optimum exhaust manifold configuration to be obtained, without too heavily affecting the length of the bike and without exposing the shock absorber, a fundamental element for the ride, to heat stress.

The aluminium swingarm with reinforcement truss has been sized specifically to support the asymmetrical stresses caused by lateral positioning of the shock absorber. The rigidity of the swingarm sets new standards for the class.

Specs 2014 Aprilia Shiver 750

2014 Aprilia Shiver 750 new features

2014 Aprilia Shiver 750 Specifications
Engine: Aprilia V90 Four stroke longitudinal 90° V twin. Liquid cooling. Double overhead camshaft with mixed gear/chain drive; four valves per cylinder. Euro 3.
Fuel: Unleaded petrol.
Bore x Stroke: 92 x 56,4 mm
Total displacement: 749,9 cc
Compression ratio: 11 : 1
Maximum power at the crank: 95 HP at 9000 rpm.
Maximum torque at the crank: 8.25 kgm at 7000 rpm.
Fuel system: Integrated engine management system. Injection with Ride by Wire technology control of the throttle bodies
Ignition: Digital electronic, integrated with the injection
Starting: Electric
Exhaust: Two in one system in 100% stainless steel with three-way catalytic converter and Lambda probe
Generator: 450 W at 6000 rpm.
Lubrification: Wet sump
Gear box: six speed, transmission ratio: 1° 36/14 (2.57) 2° 32/17 (1.88) 3° 30/20 (1.5) 4° 28/22 (1.27) 5° 24/25 (0.96) 6° 23/26 (0.88)
Clutch: Multi-plate in oil bath, hydraulically operated.
Primary drive: Spur gears, transmission ratio: 60/31 (1.75)
Final drive: Chain Transmission ratio: 16/44
Frame: Modular steel trellis connected with high strength bolts to aluminium side plates. Detachable rear frame.
Front suspension: 43 mm upside-down fork. 120 mm wheel travel.
Rear suspension: Aluminium alloy swingarm with reinforcement truss. Hydraulic shock absorber adjustable in spring preload and rebound damping.
Wheel travel: 130 mm.
Brakes Front: Double stainless steel floating disc (Ø 320 mm ). Four piston radial calipers. Metal braided brake line.
Brakes Rear: Stainless steel disc (Æ 240 mm) with single piston caliper. Metal braided brake line.
Wheels: In aluminium alloy Front: 3.50 X 17″ Rear: 6.00 X 17″
Tyres: Radial tubeless; front: 120/70 ZR 17 rear: 180/55 ZR 17
Overall length: 2265 mm
Overall width: 800 mm (at handlebars)
Overall height: 1135 mm (at instruments)
Seat height: 810 mm
Wheelbase: 1440 mm
Trail: 109 mm
Rake angle: 25.7°
Dry weight: 189 Kg
Fuel tank capacity: 16 l
Price: $8,699

Wallpapers 2014 Aprilia Shiver 750

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